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Six Great Plants To Improve Indoor Home Air Quality

I guess just about everyone on the planet is aware how air pollution is bad for our health. What may come as more of a surprise is how much pollution we are exposed to in our homes and offices. Many modern building materials and day to day items are constantly giving off gasses into the environment that are toxic. Photocopying machines and faxes through to furnishings, carpets and paint all slowly leach fumes into the environment and as they are indoors those fumes become trapped. Recent studies reveal that most western communities are spending between eighty and ninety percent of their lives indoors. OK, that may not include us gardeners who, with the winter moving in, may be wishing we...

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Conserving Water and Eco-Friendly Gardening

One of the more hotly contested debates in the world of science today concerns global weather change. This used to be called the global warming debate but no one appeared able to agree on the title so that too had to be argued over and then changed. From a non scientist’s view point the debate seems to hinge around whether climate patterns are changing due to man’s constant burning of fossil fuels or if this is just a naturally occurring cyclical event. There does seem to be a broader consensus that droughts are going to continue to increase in both number and severity over the coming century. NASA even predicts an eighty percent chance of a mega drought taking place...

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