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Dad's Struggle With Green Grass

Home Water War

I’m drenched. The summer sun beats down. But we are having fun. It is just another afternoon water war. The sprinklers are out, the squirt guns loaded and we’re having a blast.

The good old days

I remember growing up. It was a great time, especially the summers. And my dad was quite the yardsman - or at least tried to be. He planted plants, mowed the grass, seeded and reseeded the yard but for some reason it never really worked. It was patchy, it was rough. I never bothered me though.

Neighbor’s green grass

Our next door neighbors though, they had beautiful grass. Lush, springy - that was something. And it seemed to bother my dad. I never could figure out why, until I got it that is. Your yard is a point of pride. And ours disappointed. That lasted for years. But something changed.

My dad’s green grass

I started Planted Perfect to help gardeners, folks like my parents that tried hard for results. I wanted more people to feel that pride. That is the motivation behind our Planted Perfect and our impulse sprinklers. We made it easier for homeowners to have beautiful green grass. Let me explain.

Beautiful lawns require care

They need to be watered. They need to be mowed. It isn’t always that simple though. Too much kills your grass, too little as well. And most yards and garden are not exactly easy to water. They are weird shapes, they are different distances and it is hard to control your sprinkler.

To make things easy we designed an adjustable, fully customizable sprinkler. This takes the trouble out of watering. Quickly program it to your unique yard and then set it and forget it. Every two or three days (not daily!!) turn on the hose as needed. Sit back, your sprinkler does the rest. Sound expensive?

Planted Perfect Impulse Sprinkler

It is an affordable sprinkler that saves you money

What was your water bill last month? How much water did your sprinkler waste? If it is like most - A LOT. That is bad for your wallet and the environment. That is a double whammy. And it gets worse. Most cheap sprinklers are just that, cheap. They break, deteriorate and need to be replaced all too often. That’s expensive.

We hate that. That’s why we engineered our sprinkler with high strength, long lasting polymer plastics to last longer. And it only costs $24.97. That is a fair price. So stop wasting water and money, especially when your current sprinkler isn’t quite watering well. We believe in a few more bucks to make things that last. But back to our story.

Powerful watering that works for our yard

Two things kept our grass from growing: insufficient and uneven unwatering. Dad tried, but setting up and moving a weak oscillating sprinkler every other day is a lot of work. Watering wasn’t as often as it should have been. And even when we watered it wasn’t ideal. The closest areas were always over-watered and the further still thirsty.

That’s not the case anymore. I gave him two for being a great dad. At first he was skeptical - that’s not a problem anymore. Our grass looks great. The sprinkler covers 5800 square feet. It saves him time and money. It evenly waters our yard, even the goofy shapes. And I finally see that yard pride he deserved. So yeah, I’m happy.

Dad's Green Grass

It is easy to setup

With customizable watering it can seem confusing. It isn’t. The sprinkler screws to any hose in seconds and is ready to go. You then set the range and distance with simple, adjustable stops. Point it where you want and prepare to water. And of course it comes with an easy instruction guide so after it is all setup you never need to move it or setup again. Interested, how about a special offer?

Limited Time Offer

You too can have your own Planted Perfect sprinkler  - even at a discount if you act fast. Get 10% OFF your new sprinkler when you order before Friday. But supplies are limited. Offer will only be available for the first 10 gardener so act fast to get a powerful impulse sprinkler perfect for your yard, saving water and seeing that green grass you have always wanted. Don’t miss out.

I look forward to hearing how you love it, so many customers already have. Get your special today.

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Matt Ward