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Gardener Testimonials

We do our best to make the highest quality, most reliable garden tools out there for garden gurus and homemakers to enjoy. And it seems like our customers care, they want the best, you want the best, you deserve the BEST. So here's some of what gardeners have to say about our garden gear!

Our Incredible Customers

I do quite a bit of work in my yard and have found that this pair of pruning shears is the best I've ever used. I usually have to buy a new pair every month or so because they dull so easily, but the Planted Perfect shears are almost as sharp as the day I purchased them.

Joel H. Moore

These are actually pretty solid shears. I cut some rebellious tree sprouts coming from the ground, as well as cut through some landscape edging. With the branches, it cut clean through .25 inch and I had to slice thrice to get through about a .75 inch branch. It was alive and watered, so cutting at an angle help get through it. These are pretty sharp and have a good spring. You will have to squeeze quite tight to get the latch lock to loop, but it shouldn't be a problem for any adult out gardening. The forged steal feels extremely sturdy and the grip has a little give so it doesn't hurt your hand. Although I personally like the look of this - it isn't all shiny and new looking. It has an old-school look, back when tools actually lasted a lifetime. On that, these have a lifetime guarantee.

Mr. Garden

Wonderful pruning shears. These shears are sharp and substantial making a clean cut every time. The first shrub I tried them on was a mugo pine. It was a pretty large limb and my arms are a bit weak from shoulder surgeries so to finish the cut, I needed to use my second hand to add more leverage. The shears went through the limb and was a nice clean cut. Normally I would have used loppers for that kind of cut but these shears did the job. I've even used them for deadheading. Since they're really meant for pruning, they are a little clunky for the job but as long as I use the tip of the shears, they work for me.

I have had shoulder replacements in both shoulders (the reason for my weaker grip).so just a few things to keep in mind. If you have arthritis in your hands, these may not work for you. The handles have a wide span which would be hard for arthritic or small hands. They are also heavier than snippers so if all you're looking for is snipping small growth, this may not be the ideal tool for you. For me, I can cut small growth that I used to have to use loppers to get through and they can also be used to deadhead in a pinch so I'm happy. This is the tool I can carry around with me and do most of my trimming. Ideally, I would prefer smaller snips for deadheading but I only had one tool with me, this would be the one.

Patty Hob

For small branches and twigs, regular garden scissors just won’t cut it and a hand saw is overkill. However, these pruning shears by Planted Perfect are the perfect medium. They are made of a metal construction for maximum durability while not being overly heavy. The handles are coated in a soft rubber like material and I did not feel any slippage or pain when using the pruners. I tested them with branches that were almost half an inch thick and it cut through them with minimal force like butter. The spring action opens the blades after each cut so you’re ready for the next one very quickly. Overall, this is great product by Planted Perfect. Highly recommended, 5/5 stars.


These are actually pretty solid shears. I cut some rebellious tree sprouts coming from the ground, as well as cut through some landscape edging. With the branches, it cut clean through .25 inch and I had to slice thrice to get through about a .75 inch branch. It was alive and watered, so cutting at an angle help get through it.

These are pretty sharp and have a good spring. You will have to squeeze quite tight to get the latch lock to loop, but it shouldn't be a problem for any adult out gardening. The forged steal feels extremely sturdy and the grip has a little give so it doesn't hurt your hand.

Although I personally like the look of this - it isn't all shiny and new looking. It has an old-school look, back when tools actually lasted a lifetime. On that, these have a lifetime guarantee.


Wow great shears. I opened them right away and put them to work. I loveee them. They are kind of heavy but not too much and thats ok as long as they do the job and they have and was beyond my expectations. They are not cheaply made at all. They are great quality and work very well. Now I can cut back my flowers as needed and won't have to use my scissors anymore. :)

Mechelle Harrison

I love these pruning shears. These work great for around the yard. I love to garden and my husband does the trimming of our yard. We live in Las Vegas so the longer we are out there its extremely hot and we want something quick and easy if need be and these are exactly what we were looking for. They are easy to use and work great. So far I am extremely impressed. This is a great item and I would suggest getting it, if this is something you are looking for. I

Marler Wifee

With summer and planting season here now, I have been in desperate need for a new pair of pruning shears. I planted Begonias and Geraniums this year, and anyone who has planted Geraniums, knows they need to be pruned to continue to bloom. I was able to purchase these Bypass Pruning Shears at a discounted price and give my honest opinion on them. They are really helping me keep my garden in tip top shape.

These shears seem to be made of a quality stainless steel with silicone grip coating on the handles. The shears are spring loaded and decently sharp right out of the package. They fit well in my hands, are easy to maneuver, and cut very clean. they wipe down fairly easy, and have a clasp that secures them shut for safety and storage.

Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase and will continue to use them throughout the summer around my home. I recommend these pruning shears to anyone would love to garden and needs some assistance with the upkeep!

Amber S

I fold the hand saw up and drop it in my pocket whenever I'm busy doing yardwork round the house and it's always handy when I need to remove a tree branches

These snippers were exactly what I needed for my wife. Bought them for her for as a surprise gift because she loves her rosebushes and she has loved them ever since.

Jonathan Henry

Five Stars

works beautifly.

Joseph L. Glaser

Very ergonomic and cuts well. Seem heavy duty and high quality

Anthony Brunetto

works great, very sharp!!


I recently received a sample of these pruning shears for my honest and unbiased review. I am a square foot organic vegetable gardener in my backyard but I do grow roses and other bushes in my front yard, too, that are sometimes treated with chemicals that I would not use on my vegetables. Because of this, I wanted a pruner for my front yard so I could keep from cross contaminating with the back.

These Bypass Pruning shears work perfect for my roses. I am able to get in easily to cut the canes back where needed. I find that the shears fit my hand well - I have a slightly wider than average hand for a woman - I generally wear a size medium in men's gardening gloves. They also fit my husband's larger hand. The blades are sharp and all in all, the pruners work great for my purposes. I would certainly consider buying another set when my backyard "organic" pruners wear out.

I. Rader

Very happy with my new shears!

K.S. Hayek

These are great pruning shears. They are sharp and were easy to use. I really like the rubber grip handles. It made the shears easy to use and I didn't have to wear gloves while using these. They are well-made and have a nice locking loop so I can store them without them being open. I used them to cut roses, ivy, and other plants and they did very well cutting different thickness levels of plants. I like the rounded edge on the cutting blade, it makes it easy to cut at an angle with these shears and get in to tighter spaces to do trimming or cutting back of overgrowth. I will enjoy using these all summer!


Great just in time for summer!! Fine cut without tearing the leaves.


I love these shears. They are lightweight, sharp and do the job for me.

M. O'Shaughnessy

These are perfect for all of your gardening needs. They are very sharp and very well made. They do tend to be a bit hard to close with one had, but after using them for a while they do loosen up. One thing that I thought was very cool that I have never seen on pruning shears before was they lock they have on them. At the bottom of the blades next to the spring, They is a hook on one side and a metal loop on the other. While not in use you can lock the shears so that they do not come open. I like this because I have two toddlers who want everything that mommy has. These are sharp enough to cut through rose bush but can also be used to cut flowers. These do have a rubber grip on them that is a bit hard, but does not hurt your hand. These work very nicely and I am very happy with how well these work and how durable they are. I was allowed to test these for my honest thoughts good or bad.


I’m a big gardener so these new shears came at the perfect time! If you garden much, you know how important it is to have a sturdy, sharp pair of shears. It’s fruitless to try to cut with dull blades. These are great shears for many reasons:

– Great grips on the handles and they don’t cause blisters. Easy to grip even with a small hand like mine.
– Precision cutting and can get the cut done the first time. No more worrying about bruising the limbs of my small trees and bushes since it has a built in sap groove.
– Sharp, real sharp – these are not for kids to use for sure.
– Perfect spring action that makes it easy to keep control of the shears.
– Made of high carbon steel, substantial and they feel like a quality product.

These are definitely quality shears and I plan to be using them a lot this summer!

I received a sample for my honest review and hope my observations can help you make a buying decision.


We are avid gardeners and are always looking for good garden tools. We live in sunny southern California so things grow around here year-round. These pruning shears are not only very good, they're a good value to boot.

First off, let me just say I was grateful that the package opened easily without me having to buy another sharp shiny thing just to get it open.

We tried the shears on a vast variety of plants, from the roses to the hibiscus, from hydrangeas to the very tough bougainvillea (without any blood-loss on our part with that last one!) They easily cut through them all.

These are comfortable, easy to handle, and I think a great deal for the price.


I bought a pair of shears over a5 years ago and they have lasted through thick and thin but its time to retire them. When I was offered this pair by Planted Perfect for evaluation, the timing couldn't be better. Well, my first impression once receiving these shears was nothing short of wow. These are heavy duty and by appearances, made to last. I immediately put them to work and these are sharp! Just like my old pair, I can see these hanging around for years and years. And considering the price, this is one pair of pruning shears that not only offers excellent quality, but a pair that will be there year in and year out.

Dennis Waller

My pruning shears arrived several days before the estimated date. I was pleased to get them early, so I could start gardening. I found the shears to be easy to handle and sturdy in construction. I love the handle! My current shears all have large, wide handles that are difficult for my hands to grip. The handle on this pair was easy to grip and maneuver. The spring action was a joy to use. I was able to prune my plants much quicker than usual. I like the safety latch that helps keep them closed when not in use. These shears cut through stems of plants of varying diameter and strength. I highly recommend this product!


This shears are great! Very easy to squeeze, easy to use and sharp! I like having sharp shears to work with. I'm constantly pruning my garden to keep it lovely. I hate when shears are hard to squeeze and my hand gets a "work out" just from grooming the garden. Elderly people love to garden and they want shears that are easy to use. This is it!

These are perfect for anyone or any age! I highly recommend them. They are a good quality product and well made. I'm very happy to own these and keep my garden looking beautiful year round!
Product was provided for free for unbiased review purposes


These shears work really well. They are very sharp and great for pruning roses. I also used them to trim some of my fresh herbs for cooking. Ergonomic Handle is very comfortable to hold and easy to use. Has a little clip so that you can lock them shut, don't want those sharp blades exposed. The blades are drop forged carbon steel so very tough and extreme cutting power. Blades can be sharpened so going to have many years of use out of these. They are well made, durable and great quality! I would absolutely recommend them!


Works great cuts with ease, Doesnt hurt my hands to cut with it. Excellent and sharp.

Cheryl Angels

I am pleased with this purchase of Planted Perfect pruning shears. I am an avid flower gardener and am always looking for new tools to work witgh. This pair of shears is easy to grip and use. I have carpel tunnel and some shears are just to hard to use, but with this pair I can use with ease. The blades came super sharp and ready to use. I am including a picture so you can see that I used them. I would recommend this pair of pruning shears, they are durable and well made.


This morning was a breeze pruning 6 bush/trees with thick branches using my new pro grade pruning shears. I was positively amazed that the work went as fast as it did. What I like the most is the way blade's curve around thicker branches, where straight blade shears don't work, or it takes much more effort. I love the weight of shears, not heavy, my hands/arms didn't tire or cramp one bit. Yee Ha!

I enthusiastically recommend with 5 star accolades, and have nothing but gratitude for a tool that gets the job done lickety split.


These pruning shears are very sharp and allow for smooth, easy cuts that don't require a lot of upper body strength. My wrists and hands get tired and achy fast, and these shears are gentle to use and comfortable. I can easily squeeze them and have been able to cut branches and shoots up to 1/2" in diameter. This is a great tool for gardening and yardwork!

Common Cents

These are High Dollar, Commercial Quality Grade Shears! If you have a yard to work on you want what the professionals use and I almost sure these are professional grade quality, if not they work like ones that are professional grade! I am very impressed with the quality and durability, I would recommend these to any one who has a yard are even for around the house! I am happy and lucky I was able to purchase these for a review! Thank you Planted Perfect!

Kimberly MacDonald

3 Things I look for when getting pruning shears.

1. Are they solid with a quality build? YES!
2. Do they cut without any problems? YES
3. Do they still cut a month later? YES

I would recommend these shears to anyone with interest in gardening or yard work of any kind. It gets the job done and will continue to get the job done later own down the road. And really thats all you need from a perfect pair of pruning shears.


I tried these pruners yesterday on a Japanese maple and they did an excellent job of cutting through any branch up to 1/4". The size fit well in my hand (female) and they were still comfortable after 30 minutes of pruning. The pruning guide supplied by the seller was super helpful. I felt much more confident about what and where I was pruning based on the descriptions and illustrations in the guide. If you haven't downloaded it please do.


I really liked how smooth and clean the cuts were, it made it so much easier to still make my plants look good even though they were smaller. I really liked this little groover they have in it that saves the sap from running down the handle, it also kept the ants off my hands. They are made very well and they are very easy to clean up after use.
These Planted Perfect Pruners made the job of pruning easy and fast.

Julie Beveridge

I love the handles on these Pruning Shears. They are much thinner than what I'm used to and fit in my hand perfectly. Pruning made easy, with super sharp blade. I love the curve, as it makes it easier to grab the branches. There is nothing I could think of as a con or negative on these shears. This item has been a great addition to our garden.