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Her Roses Ruined.

This is a sad story (at least initially), but it is true.

Laura wanted to start gardening. She’d been busy, but her friends thought she should have a hobby. Her husband too. They loved gardening and thought she would too. And Chris supported her.

She decided to start a rose garden. That week she’d ordered several varieties, read all the guides and prepared to plant. Weeks later they arrived and after some digging were successfully transplanted. Her rose garden had begun.

Week after week she watered, watching the progress. Even neighbors noticed.

Then It All Goes Wrong

Pruning should not have been problem. Laura gardened as a girl and had her mom’s old tools, she thought she was ready. She was not. The results were awful. Half the bush ruined.

Bruce Comes Over

Well it just so happens Bruce, a fellow rose gardener - one of the friends that pushed Laura to gardening - came over to drop off cookies. Laura told him what happened, “the roses, I’ve ruined them” she exclaimed.

As an experienced gardener, Bruce had seen it all. He told her “your cuts look terrible, hacked and not smooth at all. Where are your shears?” Upon inspection it was easy. “These are dull and weak steel. Roses need sharper shears than these” he said.

But Laura was barely listening. “What about my roses?” she exclaimed. “Don’t worry” he told her. “They will grow back. And luckily you didn’t butcher all of them.”

The Garden Gift

That’s all Laura wanted to know. And Bruce had been there before. The signs of weak, dull steel were plain. “Here” he said. “I’ve got something for you.” After going to his car, he returned with a pair of pruning shears.

“What are these?” Laura asked. “They’re Planted Perfect pruning shears” he replied. Laura quickly blushed. “I can’t accept these. These are brand new, razor sharp and look expensive.”

At that Bruce chuckled. “I’ve had these for months, used tons and while the 8” pruners are clearly well-made, they only me cost $18.97. They’re yours. I owe you one.”

Laura was stunned. “Those only cost $18.97? That’s less than I spent on roses.” Nodding, Bruce pulled out another pair. “And with free shipping and a 100% money back guarantee, I decided to buy few.”

Bruce had given Laura the excuse she needed. “Well I suppose I could keep them” she said. “They do cut my roses so well. Thanks Bruce.”

Where Did The Pruning Shears Go?

As a neighbor, Bruce is a frequent guest. Besides, he had to check on the roses. The next time he returns a new drama had arisen. “Bruce I love you but your shears are pain” she tells him. “They cut so well, I can’t seem to find them. My husband’s “borrowed them” because because they’re much better than his.” At that Bruce laughs “My wife does the same to me.”

A Garden Story

The story’s true, it’s an exaggeration too. Hopefully you forgive me, but I cannot know exactly what was said. I do however know Laura now loves our Planted Perfect pruning shears. Her roses are thriving too. And I know gardeners everywhere are saying similar things.

Joel Moore says " this pair of pruning shears is the best I've ever used. I usually have to buy a new pair every month or so because they dull so easily, but the Planted Perfect shears are almost as sharp as the day I purchased them." And we receive more support everyday.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Planted Perfect Pruning ShearsIf your new pruners are not the best, most reliable shears you have ever owned at the most reasonable price, simply return them. I’ll happily send you a prompt, courteous refund. But if history is any indicator, you will not want part with your new shears. Gardeners love them, I know you will too.

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