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Partner Program

We at Planted Perfect pride ourselves on top quality gardening at an affordable price. Our mission - to empower gardeners and outdoorsy folks to follow their passion.

Partnering With Us

The Planted Perfect partner program is designed to help gardeners get great deals and reward large organizations, clubs and charities dedicated to gardening, green living and landscaping. Such organizations struggle with finances. We want to help.

Our partner program is designed to help our hardworking, high quality garden company reach and wow more garden folks just like us and grow our community of loyal gardeners.

Participants of the program can offer a discount on our entire collection of gardening products to their members, audience or network and receive a commission for every single purchase made.

Win-Win-Win Partnerships

Clubs and organizations help their members get better deals on rugged garden gear and are rewarded in the process as they should be. This automatic commission system helps your group prosper and helps us win more happy customers. And of course your members love a good deal. Everyone wins!

Get Started Today

Interested in learning more about our partner program and helping your club get great deals while making good money in the process?

Please contact us today. I personally will get back to you as soon as possible. I am excited about working together. Gardeners deserve affordable gear!