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Protect Your Home From Pesky Pests: Get Rid of Rats, Mice and Everything Not So Nice NOW!

Whether you’re outdoorsy person always in the garden, a city dweller that enjoys a good night out or a suburbanite raising kids and really proud of your home, there’s one thing most people can agree on - We DO NOT want pests in our homes. While ants in the garden, bees around bushes and squirrels stealing nuts are simple, natural facts of life, having critters and crawlers crowding our basements, frightening our kids and really just grossing out the guests is a nightmare.

You work hard, cleaning and maintaining, renovating and remodeling, constantly changing and improving your home to make your family safer, sounder and happier. Well bugs, a bad infestation, a sudden spider surge, these can all make your house less lovely and enjoyable. And, as you spend loads of life here, why not take back control. So if you’d like to reclaim your home and seize it from your unwelcome crittery creatures, this guide’s for you.

When paired with your new Planted Perfect ultrasonic pest repeller, it’s the one-two punch your home’s been hoping for. It’s time for livable living rooms and less creepy crawl spaces.

Building an Impenetrable Fortress to Fight Off Pests

One of the biggest problems homeowners face when fighting pests and trying to keep bugs and rodents out of their homes is excessive entrances. Whereas we’re stuck with doors, pests are plenty small to find all the inviting nooks and crannies. Sealing up these sures up your defense, prepare for battle.

Guard Doors

Well duh, doors, the way we enter and exit are also some of the most trafficked pest paths into the home. Door sweeps, that’s the answer. Check all the external doors in house for cracks and light which escape around the sides and bottom. These open arches are calling pests to pay a visit, seal them up to stop the flow. You can buy solid door sweeps at any major convenience store and they’ll pay for themselves a hundred times over.

Seal Windows

The chink in the armor of your pest protection will be the windows. Most windows are poorly caulked and sealed and allow pests a plenty (both winged and otherwise) to come and go and they please. Most homeowners have a caulk gun lying around unused and if not they’re super cheap at any WalMart or home improvement store. This means there’s no excuse. A mini investment here will help you save on heating and electric while also acting as an additional barrier to ants, mosquitos and the many bugs better off not in your home.

The other big area of concern with most windows is woefully inadequate screens (really for doors and windows alike). Window screens take a beating and most could count on one hand the number of intact screens guarding their windows today. Whether it’s crooked, cut a little or completely gone, a good window screen means enjoying those summer breezes without welcoming bugs to bed down in your house. These should be patched or replaced, especially during the steamy summer months if keeping critters out is important.

Trim Bushes and Shrubs

Planted Perfect is first and foremost a garden company. We believe in getting your hands dirty doing what you love. And well, gardening’s a great way to minimize the numbers of ants and unwanteds in your home, especially during the warmer months. Trim back bushes and beds encroaching on your home, even the hedges. As beautiful as these look, keeping them clean and not touching the house will reduce the number of access points insects have to you happy household. PLUS it will make your yard much more pretty.

How to Not Encourage Invading Insects

Limit Water and Drainage

One of the most unwelcome and annoying of all pests must be the mosquito. Mosquitos constantly buzzing around the yard is bad enough but in the home they’re unbearable. Bites, being always on edge and even some transmutable diseases make mosquitos the enemy of all.

While it’s not possible to entirely control your environment and while Florida families will almost always sufferable intolerable skeeters, there are ways to minimize mosquitos. Chief among these is preventing standing water from pooling up in your yard or around your home. Standing water (not running or moving) is the breeding ground for all sorts of unpleasantness. Bugs, name it. Don’t allow drainage, ponds or other outdoor water features to remain stagnant and you will see a significant improvement in your yard and home liveability.

Take Out Trash

The fastest way to invite any critters to come in is a feast. Is your trash can overflowing, counters covered with crumbs, floors less that clean? For most homeowners, constantly cleaning is quite a hassle. Beyond the boost of morale and calmness it can bring to the home, it also eliminates the most inviting aspects of your home for bugs, mice and all the other pests - easy survival. The easier you make it for ants, rats and residents of your home to eat, drink and prosper, the more enticing it will be for them to stay. Not a neat freak, neither am I. The 80/20 of cleaning to keep out the bugs is taking out the trash, this alone will be a huge help with invading ant colonies.

Storing Food Better

The feast fuels insects. It is what drives ants in droves to the kitchen as any whose spilled the sugar has seen. Bugs a battle tested brutes when it comes to finding food and that is why sealing and storing food and leftovers is SO critical. Fruit fly loves spoiling, ants attack open containers, fly flock to treats...What do you have sitting out in your kitchen and how accessible is it?

Storing fruit in airtight containers will cut down on spoilage, slow ripening and hold most bugs at bay. For open dishes, tupper and aluminum foil are ideal. And when it doubt, throw it in the fridge. Having the extra barrier helps prevent pests from finding food and telling their friends.

Assembly Armies of Insect Defense

Cuddly Cats

Cats are nature’s most efficient predator. Lions, tigers (and panthers?), oh my. The little housecat is no different. Kittens are fun and cats kill. For a really simple, all-natural solution to mice, spiders, moths and most other pests polluting your home, get yourself a cat. AND, this is coming from a dog guy! Cat’s are incredibly effective hunters that will make sport of your serious pest problems. Just be sure you’re not grossed out cleaning up the mess.

Bats and Hummingbirds

For homeowners suffering from incessant insects, few solutions are as effective as nature’s most notorious mosquito killer, the bat. Bats and hummingbirds are both beautifully efficient, all-natural and easy ways to control local insect populations. These winged predators, both terrifying and truly lovely, eat hundreds of mosquitos and other flying bugs a day and can make a drastic difference on the livability of your yard.

Best of all, they’re both easy. For bats, simply buy a bat house and choose a relatively isolated area of your yard to place it. And don’t worry, vampire bats and the stories seen on TV tell a much different (false) tale of this nocturnal predator. Avoid their house, enjoy their effectiveness and get exciting glimpses as they swoop through the night sky, engullfing monstrous mosquitos left and right.

Or, for a more beautiful (yet slightly less effective) solution, seek out hummingbirds...or rather attract them. Hummingbirds, like bats, have a huge appetite and are evolved to eliminate insect problems. Set up hummingbird feeders of sugary water solutions and put out a beacon of welcome with honeysuckle, butterfly bushes, fuchsia and many other exquisite plants which seemingly pull these insect fighters into your service.

Super Secret Weapon - Planted Perfect’s Pest Repeller

We were tired of furry friends in the basement, scratchings in the walls and dropping everywhere. There’s nothing worse than a rodent infestation and that’s why we made our ultrasonic pest repeller, a non-lethal alternative to get rats and mice out. The repeller uses ultrasonic technology which, although ALMOST ALL pest prevention companies will LIE TO YOU and claim counters bugs, ants, spiders and roaches, is only proven effective on rats, mice, squirrels and other mammalian pests (doesn’t actually bother dogs or cats). We tell YOU ONLY THE TRUTH.

But you knew all this because you bought our repeller. So to get the most of your new device, just plug it in the areas of most mouse activity. Once the light activates it’s emitting high frequency, ultrasonic sound waves which drive rodents nuts and have them heading for the highlands. Pro tip: If you’re not near enough to exterior, rodents may race to take up refuge in a new area of your home. Switching basement bother for attic infestations isn’t ideal so it may pay to install multiple repellers, depending on the size of your home.