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The Sweaty Birthday Surprise

He’s exhausted. Sweat drips as he enters the kitchen, his shirt soaked. “What happened honey?” she asks while reading. “The chainsaw” he responds. “It broke. And our saw is terrible.”

The Idea

A week later it’s crunch time. His birthday is approaching, she’s short on gifts. “It’s so hard buying for him” she says to herself. Then a thought. What about the saw?

The timing was perfect. This weekend’s project was underway and he was cursing up a storm. She decided to play it cool. “What’s wrong?” she asked as she carried out lemonade. “It’s the saw again” he responded. “It’s dull, the handle hurts and the teeth only cut it one direction. That means I work twice as hard to cut a branch. I’m exhausted.”

Researching Saws

Later while he was working, she gets to work - time to find the perfect saw. After an hour and calling her dad who’s an expert handyman himself, she places an order. “I wonder what he will think?”

The Birthday Surprise

Thankfully there was two day shipping. The saw arrives just in time. It’s time to celebrate. He gets some shirts, new shoes, even a nice watch. Nothing matches the reaction to saw though. His eyes light up as he opens it, unaware of the knowing glance between father and daughter.

“I must go try it” he declares. They watch and not 30 seconds later he is back. “Much easier” he says. “The steel is sturdier, the teeth much sharper and they even cut in both directions. But how much did this cost?” he asks. “Actually not a lot” his wife replies cooly. “It was only $16.97 with FREE shipping.”

“You’re kidding” he replied. “This fits in pocket and my old saw cost twice as much, the handle was nowhere near as nice and this is really lightweight.”

“I know. It’s only 8 ounces. I figured it wouldn’t tire your arm out as much. And that means you can get more yard work done right” she said laughing.

Money Back Guarantee

“I guess so” he chuckles. “And it says there is a lifetime money back guarantee. From the feel of it, I doubt I’ll need it though.”

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