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Lifetime Warranty

Planted Perfect tools are built to last. Register yours today for our garden greatness total satisfaction guaranteed warranty and ensure your gardening tools are totally protected.

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you're ever not happy with your Planted Perfect purchase, just email us, return the product and receive a refund - no questions asked, no explanation necessary. We can also ship replacements to you to if you'd prefer. We're in the game of durable, reliable gardening for life. We want gardeners, customers and fans for life, we want you to love gardening with our products and love the experience of working with our company. That's our a mission and anything less is a failure.

But customers seem to love our garden gear, they come back again and again, and we know you will too. So, welcome to the Planted Perfect family. All you need to do to protect your gardening tools is right here, register your Planted Perfect purchase and you're set.

Questions about our warranty? You can contact us here or just send an email to and we'll respond right away!